Vendor Consulting Services

Collective HR Solutions is proud to be affiliated with the HR Technology vendor community.  Over the many years we have evaluated, implemented, consulted on, and converted to and from many vendor platforms.  And our Founder, Nov Omana, with his significant network, is well connected to the vendor community.  Over the years, we have helped a number of vendors understand the consumer mind of HR Technology purchasers and as such, have some tremendous insights on how your product or service offering fits in this complex vendor environment.

We have a number of services that vendors are using to better position themselves, gain better exposure, and perhaps develop a partner eco-system that augments their product and addresses the consumer’s needs even better.

Sales training

How do you sell your products? What are your customers looking for? We can help you with our knowledge of the client community and the processes we use in evaluation of the vendors. We can help you hone your demo to meet what clients are really looking for. And we can help you review RFP’s and RFI responses to ensure you are putting your company in the best possible, honest light.

Technology Review Council

With the extensive personal network that Nov Omana has created, he has gathered individuals who have expressed an interest in viewing and becoming familiar with the HR Technology landscape, both new vendors and established ones with trending capabilities. Gathering for an hour of demonstration, questions, and insightful feedback from the audience, the Technology Review Council has helped over 50 vendors in the last year to gain knowledge about their solutions and what resonates with the consumer audience. These participants range from CHRO, CIO, and CFO through all levels of HRIT and HR Professionals with one goal of knowing what the future holds.

Partner channels

We have helped a number of vendors find partners that put their product in front of an established client base or, in conjunction with the partner, offer something unique in the market.  We can help you negotiate partner agreements that will ensure longevity in the partnership and a collaborative environment.


Conference presentations, webinars, articles, white papers

Nov Omana does a lot of conference presentations and has a unique style in blending technology into the fabric of the HR world.  He can lend perspective in presentations, articles, and other marketing vehicles that will put new spin on your unique market position.  Nov is an accomplished speaker and can moderate a panel to provide an unbiased framework for a discussion.


Trade Association opportunities

Sitting on a number of Boards, Nov Omana can also assist in making sure you are aware of the many venues to present your product and services to the right audiences.  Associations are always looking for informational, relevant, and timely content and Nov can help to make the introductions that will bring you to new audiences.

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At MapHR, we believe that that with the explosion in the development of HR solutions, the high degree of fragmentation and the rapid introduction of new concepts like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and employee social networking, there is a growing need by decision makers and prospective buyers for a platform that will help decipher what is real and what is not, what works together as part of the same ecosystem and what is an end solution. We believe that MapHR answers this need.

We list solutions, we talk to vendors to better understand their technology, we created a platform for vendors to present their technology to experts in the field and get true feedback, we promote communication, help our vendors and partners to increase awareness and visibility of their solution and have a team of experts that are ready to help companies that are looking for the optimal solution for their company.

Several HR Associations, like IHRIM, the International Association for Human Resource Information Management, agrees that MapHR we are on the right path. IHRIM will be using the MapHR technology hub as their HR vendor directory. In addition, they will be using our Marketing and channels strength as well as our strength in delivering Technology information and consulting to decision makers via the Technology Review Council.

So what are MapHR’s strengths?

  • A unique Directory of services and solutions that provide:
    1. Availability of a pool of technologies by category for buyers/decision makes to pick from
    2. Consulting services during the selection process and decision making
  • Collective HR Solutions’ Technology Review Council that can help companies hone their focus on the right market place Marketing Reach and visibility for all MapHR Directory Members at a nominal cost
    1. advertise on the site
    2. Blog campaigns with a potential reach of 350,000 subscribers
    3. Blog infomercial (advertise within a blog)
    4. Mailer campaigns
    5. A low yearly directory registration fee. (registration includes 2 free blogs)