Jennifer Naylor

A technology strategist with a broad background in B2B collaboration technologies, product innovation and growth strategy, Jennifer Naylor has consulted on a range of strategic areas from board governance to business development to product innovation and launch. A trusted advisor to many executives, she has worked on a broad range of projects, lending an unorthodox approach to business development, risk management and growth.

In her role as an operations executive charged with innovating and expanding client services at The Center for Board Excellence, Jennifer complemented an executive team committed to good governance for publicly-traded and private companies and not-for-profits. Within her portfolio was the company’s development of board-level solutions and training in cybersecurity and data risk, expertise that she brings into her current consulting portfolio.

Former managing director of US-based Golden Seeds, Jennifer led the Internet Businesses Sector group that acted as the vanguard for the angel group’s deal pipeline and conducted due diligence for high-growth technology companies. She continues to advise entrepreneurs on funding and positioning.