Growing my career from the mid-1970’s to now, I have seen much in the way of technology.  And being so close to it from both an interest and career perspective, I continue to see how the technology is an enabler of better and better ways of life.  And in HR, the ability to leverage this technology to blend work and life into a single “fabric of life” is fascinating to me as I work with the many vendors I encounter.

I speak often at conferences or in webinars, arrange and moderate panels of experts, and assist in writing articles (or at least provide content in the forms of quotes or perspectives) for the HR arena and media.  I consider myself a visionary in things technological and the potential of positive impact to our world.

I am happy to speak to your team, your organization, your association, your user group, or to you personally regarding my perspectives.  I find I learn from my conversations with others, incorporate those in subsequent presentations, and leverage the new perspectives to help me shape what I believe the future may look like.

Examples of Recent Speaking Engagements/Articles


  • Keynote speaker for the Human Resources Executive Forum – “Pathways to Transformation: HR at the Speed of Technology”.
  • NCHRA West 2015 – panel moderator – “How HR can Affect the Bottom Line”.
  • Cleveland Chapter – Blending Technology into Culture.


  • Keynote speaker and moderator for NCHRA Technology Summit Riding the Technology Wave; Where is it Taking Us?
  • IHRIM webinar – “Head in the Cloud, Feet on the Ground” – Moving to SaaS environments
  • IHRIM webinar – Winning at HR System Selection: Tips to help you improve the selection process
  • IHRIM symposium Moving to SaaS – Is it the Right Move?
  • NCHRA HR Webinar series – Managing the Virtual Workforce (4 part series)
  • NCHRA Webinar – Wellness for Engagement
  • IHRIM Webinar – Mobilizing the Workforce: Call All Apps!
  • IHRIM Conference Panel – Wellness – Holistic Approach to Workforce Engagement
  • Cleveland Chapter- IHRIM – Selection of a new platform



  • NCHRA HR Technology Summit – Leading the Workforce Evolution
  • NCHRA West conference – April – HR Technology to Grows the Business and Profitability
  • IHRIM Webinar – Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind – managing the remote workforce
  • IHRIM presentations
    • Using technology in leveraging Wellness programs
    • Storm Clouds on the Horizon – integrating SaaS solution information
    • BYOD – CIO views
  • Keynote at Oracle User Group conference – HCM Trends – leveraging new technology



  • com – Should HR go Social?
  • Launch of the Collective Chat video blog –
  • PEHRS (IHRIM Alliance group) – Going Virtual
  • com – Using a Virtual Environment
  • com – Social Media and its place in HR
  • Oracle User Group presentation – The HR Landscape
  • Aquire WISDOM 2012 presentation – How to build a Project and the Team
  • HR Summit 2012 workshop – HR Technology That Drives Growth and Productivity
  • IHRIM workshop – Conducting a Talent Management Health Check
  • IHRIM presentation – Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • ADP conference – Building a Talent Management Business Case
  • IHRIM webinar – Networking with a Purpose
  • IHRIM webinar – The Hot Trends in HR Technology
  • Vendor webinar – The multi-generational workforce and how to leverage what motivates them
  • com webinar – Talent Management and Social Media, tying the two for new synergies
  • WebMingle Happy Hour – interviewed on HR Technology landscape and changes in the industry
  • Business and Labor Reporting Association – Conducting a workshop for HR Senior Executives on the uses and impact of technology in the HCM arena
  • IHRIM Pre-Conference Workshop – Conducting a Talent Management Health Check
  • IHRIM Conference speaking engagement – Developing a Social Media Strategy
  • ADP’s Meeting of the Minds speaking engagement – Talent Management Strategy
  • IHRIM Webinar co-presenting – Networking – why and how




“Today, it is no longer an HR TECHNOLOGY industry that we must understand – but rather the Technology that impacts HR.”– Nov Omana, HRIP


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