Client Consulting Services

Collective HR Solutions is a consortium of senior HR and technology experts who use technology and practitioner experience in innovative ways to solve your business problems.

Collective HR Solutions, Inc. is a unique consultancy because it focuses on providing solutions that fit its clients’ unique environments, solutions that are strategic, technologically sound, affordably priced and can be delivered within an acceptable time frame.  Unlike larger firms that create methodologies and processes to accomplish client needs, Collective HR Solutions creates solutions that consider the client culture, environment, resources, budget, and timeframes all of which are factors that influence the way projects should be considered.  As a result, we have been very successful in crafting solutions that strengthen a client’s ability to deliver projects with guidance from an outside firm.  We believe that the project does not just end at implementation; our belief is we need to leave a client team prepared to leverage their efforts in an ongoing manner with minimal, if not any further, support.

We have employed some of the best strategists, developers, system implementers, Human Resources experts, and project managers in the business.  Collective HR Solutions will brings a select talent pool  and their tremendous skills to the client with the sole purpose of  ensuring outstanding service tailored to each of their particular needs.


Consulting Services

  • Assessment – optimization of your current business vision/mission
  • Business Strategy and Execution
  • Governance and compliance strategy
  • Technology Strategy development
  • Vendor Evaluation, Selection, and Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation services and staff augmentation
  • Business Process improvement and policy assessment
  • Project Management Office and Project Management
  • Innovative Technological solutions – new vendor products


Virtual Environments 

  • Training development for client specific requirements
  • Exercises in a virtual, unlimited creative environment