Ken McCollum

Ken McCollum is the former Vice President, Human Resources for NorthBay Healthcare, an independent, privately held, not-for–profit acute care hospital system based in Fairfield, California.  [...]

AI and the Agile Workplace

Dr. Bobbe Baggio | Associate Provost Graduate and a Graduate Education | Cedar Crest College Nov Omana | CEO/Founder | Collective HR Solutions, Inc.   Abstract The new work environment will [...]

Client Consulting Services

Client Consulting Services Collective HR Solutions is a consortium of senior HR and technology experts who use technology and practitioner experience in innovative ways to solve your business [...]

Amanda Shelton

Amanda Shelton, HRIP is known for her passion in helping organizations work smarter, not harder.  She also enjoys the challenge of never saying “No” but saying “HOW” while investing time in ways [...]

Roy Altman

Roy Altman is founder/CEO of Peopleserv, a software/services company. Previously, he was Manager of HRIS Analytics and Architecture at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Over a multifaceted [...]